Have you ever dreamed of being a part of the game experience? It was possible already in year 2003 with EyeToy. Playstation 2, EyeToy and the player – that was all you needed for a revolutionary and unprecedented playing moment.

EyeToy is a device for Playstation 2. It enables fully new game experience for the player that only needs to connect camera with built-in microphone on the game console. There is many games that can be played with EyeToy: for some of these games the camera is obligatory but some of them are enhanced with the camera. All in all, EyeToy creates a new world with its insightful way to introduce playing.

Are you in the middle of the icon? Okay, shake your hand above the arrow and continue. Let’s take a picture of you! Everything is ready now – select a game you want to play and enjoy!

Most of the official games designed for Eyetoy are collections of minigames. You can for example wash windows, break balloons, saw trees, climb as a monkey, play different kind of instruments, cook, be a cosmetologist and get a demanding commands from army’s leader. Everything happens by interacting the player with games mainly by using motion. The player is really a part of the game: you see yourself on the television screen and do everything as you would do in a real situations. The only difference between reality and game is that in the EyeToy game you can be a master in anything and you don’t even need any earlier experience or a single tool to absolve the tasks. EyeToy may take pictures of you while you move in front of the television – these pictures can be seen later in the games as a surprise.

EyeToy also works with a large amount of games that can be used with the camera optionally. This way these games get a little specialties. The players can for example sing and see themselves at the same time from the screen, take pictures and use them different ways in the games and even import their faces onto the game character.

Is this all you can imagine? Don’t yet stop!

Other extra spices EyeToy can give for a player is among the other things a system called Cameo. With Cameo you can take a 3D model of your head. This happens by a head scanning program that allows you to move the head 360 – you can even test different kind of faces and save the files on a memory card. In later game version player has a possibility to swap face with someone else.

Even though new Playstation and other game consoles with different devices are the present day and many people may not even know the old ones, I think there’s a lot of great features in them. Even though EyeToy system is also 13 years old already, it’s really advanced and ahead of it’s time. Everyone should get a touch of the feeling of being the joybad yourself – it’s such a exceptional moment!