Have you ever felt nostalgic after playing an old game from your childhood?

Every gamer has at least one special game in their heart that gave special memories in which you would like to go back and live them again. That special game can be a super hit AAA game like Super Mario 64 or Metal Gear Solid, but for me it’s a game called Wacky Wheels. Have you heard of it? I bet this is not the most well-known game in the world, but it doesn’t necessary mean it’s a bad game. And yes, it looks like a Mario Kart clone, but who cares. I never played Mario Kart back then and I’m glad I got the chance to play this.

Wacky Wheels was published by Apogee Software in 1994 and I was probably a ten-year-old and above when I first played the shareware version. Wacky Wheels has a rather interesting history because it posses another clone named Skunny Kart. Basically the two games were born from the same source code. For some reason the game developer left a demo disc containing a prototype of Wacky Kart at Copysoft, before bringing the prototype to Apogee. The two companies then made their own versions of the game, but what can you expect from the company named Copysoft?

The Apogees’ version of the Wacky Kart is about a bunch of zoo animals who take the race outside the zoo to race each other in different tracks around the world. There are eight different animals to choose from: a panda, elephant, tiger and yes, even a shark can drive a car. The game has amateur, pro and champion classes in which the amateur class was the only one I played back in the days. The game was a shareware version but the five racing tracks we had, were enough having a great time. Besides there were other game types also available like the wacky duck hunt and two player shoot out.

Speaking of the game types the game has, two player race was the best one. I remember competing against my younger brother and man it was fun. Even today I still remember the tough curves and shortcuts the game has. Driving numerous times, the only five tracks available for us we mastered the game like pros with every curve and short cuts etched into our minds. The game really had us and made us sharpen our skills to the edge. Remembering the excitement when shooting back at your friend with a hedgehog just before the finish line and win the race. The will to win was bad!

While Skunny Kart plays Eurodance in the background, Wacky Wheels posses a soundtrack with the sweetest melodies and sounds. The music is so energetic and fits perfectly with the game’s fast-paced style. After twenty years hearing the title track called “Dream” makes me, some could say “eargasm” and send shivers down my spine. As a thirty-year-old gamer I got to say this game possess one of the greatest soundtracks I have ever heard in a game even though I can’t take off my nostalgia classes (in this case headphones). If you don’t believe me, listen!

After 20 years the game is still amazing. Well, maybe not so amazing for those who have not played it back then but to us who got the chance to drive this hidden gem, it’s still a joy. You can buy the game from Good Old Games or Steam and challenge your friends for a wacky race. Either way, if you own a Mac or a PC, it works perfectly no matter what operating system you use. It’s priceless piece of retro gaming and pure nostalgia.

By the way, Wacky Wheels are making a comeback this year. A company named Ferocity 2D is waking up Wacky Wheels with a newly made cell shading graphics and music, Gameplay seems to mostly remain intact, which is great news for the old fans. It´s going to be out soon (early 2016) on Steam and mobile and I can’t wait to test the sequel to this amazing game. Until then, test the original.

Please leave a comment below and tell what’s your nostalgic game and soundtrack?