What would you say if I told you that I have a power to manipulate time? Every word and action now on made could be erased and re-written over again within a new alternative reality. Sound pretty odd doesn’t it?

Life is Strange is hands down one of the most hyped games in 2015 and it is no wonder. I would rather call it an experience, an emotional roller coaster than an ordinary game. It starts up with small choices. You can decide if you water your flower or not, but when the story continues it will strike back with force and you will most likely end up holding tears
over decisions and moral dilemmas that will haunt you even many days after. Also every decision you made have a butterfly effect that will affect the outcome.

The main story begins when 18 years old selfie artist Max Caulfield ends up saving her childhood best friend Chloe Price from getting shot by realizing that she has an ability to reverse time. Later they will bond up and start to investigate together the weird disappearances and ominous secrets that surrounds Arcadia Bay. Birds are found lying dead around the streets; whales are drifted in the beach and mysterious double moon shining in the night sky. Is there a link between these weird natural phenomenon and time travelling?

While the story continues you will get to know the characters better and start to keen on them and their background stories. Then suddenly the game starts to lead you in a different direction and you have to repeatedly question your choices and actions till the very end. Would you commit euthanasia if your dearest friend would be paralyzed and would beg your help?


-Engrossing storytelling.

-Believable characters.

-Good soundtrack.


-Dialogue is sometimes a little awkward.



Illustration by Timi Laukkanen and Miro Turunen

Logo http://dontnodentertainment.wikia.com/wiki/File:Life_is_Strange_Logo.png