I’m a newcomer to the Zelda series. There is a simple reason why this is the case. I never owned a Nintendo console. In the 90’s I was a PC gamer and after the release of Halo 2 in 2004 I bought my first own game console the Microsoft’s Xbox. I have read reviews that you can’t call yourself as a true gamer if you have not played the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, which was strange argument to make. If Zelda games can only be played on a Nintendo’s console, you cannot be a true gamer if you do not own a Nintendo console. This can be a rather hard thing for many gamers to agree because in the 90’s many gamers could not afford to buy more than one console at the time and it usually was the more popular one, in this case the Sony’s Playstation.

I got my first chance to play a Zelda game as late as 2011 when Ocarina of time was re-released for the Nintendo’s handheld 3DS. This was my chance to correct this shortcoming as self-respect gamer. After I played Ocarina of time, which was still a great game considering it was a 13-year-old game when I first played it, I dreamed about a more open world like Zelda game. Finally, the Breath of the wild was the answer to my prays.


Breath of the Wild is a gorgeous game with a vast open world to explore. But even as I am hooked on exploring the huge game world and enjoyed solving the puzzles, there are a few shortcomings which breaks my gaming experience. The unrealistically weak weapon arsenal which can break up easily after a few punches can be a very annoying when it happens all the time. You cannot repair your arsenal yourself or anywhere in the world. You cannot even buy better weapons from a weapon shop because there is not any. Which is a little strange since Hyrule is filled with monsters and there is no weapon trade anywhere in the world.

Another minus is the graphics and lack of smooth gameplay. I play the Switch version which is supposed to be the best version of the game since I heard people having trouble with the frame rates on the Wii U version. Digital Foundry’s comparison between the two versions demonstrates that both of them are suffering serious frame rate drops in certain areas of the game. Switch version offers 900p while Wii U version has only 720p resolution and both of them are still having troubles on running the game properly. I would have hoped just a little more power from the Nintendo’ new console that the game would have ran in a full 1080p. Low texture filtering and draw distance can also be little distracting but only noticeable on a 55 inch television screen.


The world has lots of things to do and places to find but it can get a little repetitive at least in the beginning. Hyrule is full of small shrines across the land. They are like micro dungeons which can end up sooner than you even realise. Some shrines do not even have puzzles in them which can be little disappointing after you will get used to the idea of having always some kind of challenge to get your hands on. Breath of the wild gives me constant Skyrim vibes and it is not a bad thing. Also, the graphics and the world reminds me of another Nintendo exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles.


Some could think these negativities are a sacrilege for the countless “ten out of ten” reviews received by the game, but I stand my ground. I’m not blinded by the history of previous Zelda games and I’m not a fanboy of any of the console manufacturers. I own all consoles and simply just play great games on any machine. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game. I have not finished it yet, but I’m hooked to explore more the world of Hyrule. It’s magical world will suck you in with a breath taking landscapes and melancholy music. If you want to experience Breath of the wild, you do not necessarily need 350 dollars to buy the new Switch console. Breath of the wild is also available for the Wii U. Paying 60 dollars is not a bad bargain for such a great game and I guarantee you will not regret the journey you will take.

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