Want to play some hidden gems on consoles? We produce articles and videos: mostly retro, mostly indie but totally 100% gaming!


Erkki Alho

17 posts

I'm the editor-in-chief at Erkkade. I'm a game collector and I make game comparison videos to Youtube. Right now I'm really into making my own game project with Unity.


1 post

A producer @ Erkkade. At the moment I love insights, sun and deep music. Give retro games a chance!

Miro Turunen

1 post

I'm an art director at Erkkade. My top 3 picks at the moment are Dark Souls 3 playtrough by LaeppaStream, Guild Wars 2 and Neko Atsume.

Ville aka Remode84

7 posts

Administrator and co-producer of Erkkade. I also take care of Erkkade's social media accounts. I'm eager to release articles alongside day work and studies.

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